6 Gift Ideas for Spicy Food Lovers

Trying to find the perfect gift for your favourite spicy food fan? Maybe you're overwhelmed by our extensive selection of hot sauces. Or maybe you just want to surprise the pyrogourmaniac (it's a thing!) who's tried everything. Either way, it's time to go beyond the bottle for your gift giving!

1. Think Outside the Bottle

For the hot sauce lover who appreciates presentation. Hot sauce that comes inside an outhouse or dynamite stick will get the point across and probably raise a laugh. 

2. Death by (Spicy) Chocolate 

Two wonderful worlds of flavour combine when a pyrofoodie is also a chocofoodie! And if you like to shop local when you can, the pictured bars are by Ontario companies ChocoSol and Slim's Pepper Co. 

3. Spicy Snack Attack

Does your favourite pyrogourmaniac always have her hand in the snack bowl? Then give her a spicy snack attack... for when you can't stop at one, or two, no matter how much it hurts. 

4. An Adventure for the Palate

Or maybe he's an aficionado of weird flavour combinations. Spicy peanut butter on your toast for breakfast, with bacon? 

Wasabi gumballs, anyone? For those moments when sushi just isn't convenient. 

5. The Spice-Loving Chef's Delight

If your pyrofoodie loves to cook, how about some spicy rubs, or unusual (and fresh, and local) condiments like these spicy green tomatoes from Toronto's own Spice of Life? If you're lucky, maybe you'll be invited to the barbecue!

Or if only the freshest ingredients will do, there's also the option of growing your own ultra-hot peppers.

6. The Gift Pack

Last but never least. Does your hot sauce fan like to stick to what she knows? Or is she the type who wants to try it all? If the latter, you can't beat the gift pack for expanding the palate, or for sampling a new brand.