Stuffing the Stocking this Holiday Season

Tired of filling the stockings with the usual items? Why not shake things up a little with some unique items from Blue Banana Market?

Maybe Santa hasn’t been pulling his weight when it comes to filling up your better half’s stocking? Why not surprise your spouse with a few items that are sure to hit the spot or at least generate a worthwhile reaction? Check out these items that are perfect for a husband or wife, depending on their sense of humour and level of self confidence at the time of opening.



Perhaps not the best idea, however if you feel like living on the edge, these could cause a good laugh as your wife pulls these items out of her stocking.



This is a good idea for your kids...young or old and a great way to encourage family game time.  

And who doesn’t like some unique salt and pepper shakers? Shake things up around your house by placing a different set in each stocking.


We have lots of mugs, teas, and candles as well, if you feel like showing your loved ones you care and you’re nervous about causing a fight on Christmas morning with some of the items suggested above. All the the items above are under $25 and there are many more on our website.

There is still time to order online. If you live or work in the Kensington Market area, you can place your order online and pick it up in store. Save on shipping and time!