It’s cold and the days are short, but we still have to eat, right? Barbeque season doesn’t have to end with the snow. Firing it up during the winter is doable with a little preparation, a roof over your head (added bonus), and a good appetite. These BBQ related items are a good incentive as well.

  1. OMC Condiment set. Best combined with hot dogs, hamburgers, or sausages, this colourful set makes it easy for guests and family to serve themselves with spoons included. If you feel like stemming from the usual condiments, you can write on the erasable chalkboard decals on the front of each pot.
  1. Beaver Rub. You don’t have to eat beaver to use this tasty rub. It’s great on beef, chicken, or pork, or wild game if you’re feeling all crazy! It’s a mildly spicy flavour that is sure to make your BBQ go off without a kick!
  1. Imaginary Salt Sampler Set. Try 5 different salt and spice combinations that pair with all kinds of food from fish to pasta: Magic Unicorn, Campfire, Santa Salt, French Picnic, and Friends Forever. Be sure to have a few samples on the table at your next BBQ. A great combination of flavor and conversation. And if you’ve overcooked the meat, just add some salt!
  1. Hot Sauce Sampler. Hot sauce, hot sauce, hot sauce. Who doesn’t like hot sauce these days? Well, there are likely a lot of people, but with this four sample pack give your guests some options with Ass Kickin Cajun, Original, Roasted Garlic and Wasabi flavours. Flavours to suit all needs.


  1. Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit.  With barbequed meat comes a need to drink liquids. Beer is a fine accompaniment to a BBQ or a surprise cocktail if you’re feeling a little on the fruity side. This keg tapping kit requires a watermelon and an imagination and results in guaranteed good times. Note: the more beer or alcohol you serve, the better your food tastes.


To guarantee a successful cook out, you must have a hungry crowd, lots of meat and delectable sides! Some would argue that winter weather makes the meat taste better. Others would say that its way too cold to be outside flipping meat. Whichever side you’re on, why not give it a try? With the fun BBQ additions above you’re setting yourself up for success and good conversation starters. Stay warm BBQers!