Get in the Mood for Fall

The Fall Equinox on September 22 marked the beginning of that beautiful and all-too-brief period between the too-hot and the too-cold. To help you get in the mood for the new season, here are some gift ideas that will remind you of why you love fall.  

Fall is a great time to be Canadian

Canadians like to complain about our winters, but when the leaves change colours, suddenly you remember why you love living in a place with four distinct seasons. 

This set of fine bone china mugs feature stunning autumnal nature paintings by influential Canadian artist Tom Thomson. 

Fall is a time to warm your tummy with tea

Whether you prefer the clean, simple design of a cheerful orange Japanese teapot, or the ritual of watching a tea rosette bloom, we can all agree that tea is even better when it starts to get crisp outside.

The Blooming Flower Tea & Teapot comes with Love and Friendship rosettes and is a perfect way to show your love or friendship for a tea lover. 

Fall is a time to fill your home with cozy scents

Maybe you can't (or shouldn't) have maple syrup every day, but now you can inhale its delicious scent whenever you feel like it. A customer favourite!

This flameless Fragrance Warmer comes with Drizzle Melts in two yummy, comforting scents, Maple Caramel Swirl and Roasted Espresso. 

Fall is Halloween time

These unique skull salt and pepper shakers and elegant skull shot glasses are a great way to liven up (if that's the right term to use) a Halloween party. 

Fall is a time to get knitting for Xmas

Who doesn't love sock monkeys? Or a handmade gift (if it looks cool)? They can have both with these DIY scarf and hat kits. Can't knit? Don't sweat it, the kits are designed for beginners.